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    how to embed? im using cencopa.com
    can i be able to embed it into my site?
    here is the sample

    <iframe width=”600″ height=”430″ src=”//www.cincopa.com/media-platform/iframe.aspx?fid=AUGANNtqg7qj” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen scrolling=”no”></iframe><noscript><span>New Gallery 2016/1/27</span><span>bitrate</span><span> 1745 kb/s</span><span>height</span><span> 360</span><span>duration</span><span> 00:03:16.70</span><span>fps</span><span> 29.97</span><span>width</span><span> 640</span><span>bitrate</span><span> 6977 kb/s</span><span>height</span><span> 720</span><span>duration</span><span> 00:00:30.09</span><span>fps</span><span> 29.97</span><span>width</span><span> 1280</span></noscript>

    please reply to my email.
    i want to buy the product you are precious WordPress plugin Movie
    I also have a question if I update it continuously

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