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DoubleLOL is an image sharing website, an exact clone to the ultra-famous Damnlol. With Scriptburn’s new feature – share funny, motivating, creepy, spooky or weird pictures with ease. The front end is designed to be very easy to navigate and look at and the back end is no rocket science either. Take the first step in creating a funny website that’s bound to make your viewers roll on the floor laughing.

Also do note that the product owner will not be responsible for any injury caused by excessive laughing.



The home page is simple and easily navigable. All videos or images are placed right infront giving the users the freedom to choose their favorite and laugh it off. With small configurations in the backend the user will have the ability to post their content. Just as simple as that.

 Home Page

Image Display

The image display page will display the various images uploaded by authors who have registered. All images will be displayed on the hope page so that the website will have very minimum hidden menus and more element of fun. Also, the home page will accommodate a mixture of categories – from humor, mystery, quotations and philosoph, quotations and philosophy.


YouTube Videos

YouTube videos, along with the images, will be shown on the front page. Since YouTube is the largest repository of videos in the world, the want for funny videos is always booming. The videos can be played directly from the page of DoubleLOL and the need to switch to another tab for playing at YouTube page is not required.


Submit Image

One of the most important feature – the user will be able to upload file to the server so that it is displayed on the screen of DoubleLOL. The files should be JPEG, PNG or GIF, basically any image file. After the file is uploaded, it enters the verification phase where the file should be verified by the administrators before it appears on the home page.

Local File Upload

Admin Dashboard

The admin who administers the site now can use a variety of features to operate the site from the Admin Dashboard. The admin dashboard is designed to be as user friendly as possible so that it allows the admin to easily approve or disapprove an upload, view the ad section, play with the site SEO, choose social Medias to share on or even change the password. It also allows the admin to view the registered user at DoubleLOL.

Admin DashBoard

Admin panel ad section

This page is the governing section for advertisements. It can be a major source of revenue for DoubleLOL and therefore is regarded as a page of top priority.


Approving Images

Not all images can be appropriate to be uploaded to the website. Therefore, the administrator has the authority to approve or reject the image submission if they are in compliance to the policies set out by the user. This feature is easy to use and navigate and therefore is a must-have.


Approving Videos

Similar to the case of images, the admin should also have the authority to accept or reject videos that are being submitted to the website. In order to avoid negativity that some videos may spread, this feature has been installed in DoubleLOL script.


Sharing on Social Media

Social Media sharing options are readily available at the Admin Dashboard. From here the user can make changes to pre-set configuration regarding social media integration.


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