File Hosting Script – Dark File Host

A file hosting program can be a great productivity tool. If you are looking to create a file hosting website – you are in the right place. Scriptburn’s Dark File Hosting Script is a simple to use, light weight yet extremely useful tool. Needless to say that the script is 100% customisable and can easily adapt to the growing changes in your organisation.

That’s basic. You can receive more benefits with the VIP Plan where you can enjoy immense benefits from the script. It’s incredibly simple – you can adjust the upload limit, size, keep track of users, keep track of files and so on. Get this script today and enjoy Scriptburn’s most famous script.
Also check these amazing features out.

Dark File host comes with great features:

  • Login & Register system
  • Become VIP member
  • Be VIP page friendly design and easy to use
  • PayPal payment method integrated for Be VIP page
  • Referral system
  • Member page
  • Manage my files (edit / delete)
  • Download page for each file
  • Count downloads for each file
  • Upload public files
  • Upload private files
  • Upload VIP files
  • Maximum file size for each class of users (Guest, User and VIP)
  • Waiting time for each class of users (Guest, User and VIP)
  • Administration page
  • Set waiting time for each class of users
  • Set maximum file size for each class of users
  • Set site title, name, slogan, footer, news, VIP price, TOS, PayPal and contact e
  • mail
  • Manage users (change class to User, Banned or Admin / delete)
  • Manage all files
  • Progress bar
  • Friendly and easy to use design
  • Looks good in all browsers
  • XSS protection
  • SQLi protection
  • Many more…

To check the demo go to : File hosting script
Username: admin
Password: admin
Administration page is available after login .

Item Details
Release date:2015-08-13
Last updated:2015-08-13
Current version:1.2
Product type:PHP Script
File format:zip
File size:5 MB
Requirements:PHP 5+,MySql
Price:$0.00 usd