Network diagnostic tool mxtoolbox Clone

Our Network diagnostic tool mxtoolbox Clone script provides free, fast and accurate network diagnostic and lookup tools.
you can use this script to help diagnose and resolve a wide range of network related issues.
This mxtoolbox Clone script is a perfect to use as a Network diagnostic tool

you can use this script for dns lookup or search dns records ,a record lookup also as a record checker. You can verify if you have any problem with your cname using cname record lookup.
It can also provide you detailed info regarding your mail servers with mx record lookup for domains, formerly known as Domain Mail Server/Exchanger.
Mails Coming to your domain need to be told where they must go. Mx records are used to solve this problem, by telling them where to address a specific email on the internet.

One of the best features of this Network diagnostic tool is that you can use to check if your ip or domain name is blacklisted.It will provide you a complete report that where it is blacklisted and why it is blacklisted ,So you can use this info to rectify that kind of issue and whitelist your domain or ip

You can check domain whois record and check domain registrant details by whois lookup section,For proper email delivery you must have PTR record setup for that info you can get with our PTR record check,Using this script you can also get detailed infor about the domains SSL certificates like there age ,validity,issuer etc

Mxtoolbox Clone Network diagnostic tool Features

This script script offers wide variety network diagnostic tool like

Blacklist check
spamhaus zen check
mxtoolbox blacklist
dmarc record check
Dns Record
MX Record
SRV Record
Email Server
Reverse LookUp
WhoIs LookUp
SPF Fecord
DMARC Record
Port Scan
AAAA Record(Ipv6)
ASN Record
ARIN Record
TXT Check
SOA Records
HTTPS Lookup
HTTP Lookup

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Last updated:2017-08-20
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