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Scriptburn DNS Doctor is an immensely hard-worked Plugin by Scriptburn that checks the health of DNS for any public domain. Its major responsibility is to find out every possible root problem with the DNS. After it fulfils the responsibility of analyzing the root cause, it presents a well-organized report that gives you complete sense of the status of your website.

The report can also be used to identify if there it’s a problem with the DNS records or with the DNS Server configuration.

DNS Doctor is an immensely helpful tool if you are trying to solve a problem related to Root cause. It’s engineered with expertise and displays all the reports that help you solve the problems that might occur when running your website or web application.
Check these amazing features and see if it’s something that fits your requirement. We are sure it will.

Parent Records

  • Domain NS records
  • TLD Parent Check
  • Your nameservers are listed
  • DNS Parent sent Glue
  • Nameservers A records

NS records

  • NS records from your nameservers
  • Recursive Queries
  • Same Glue
  • Glue for NS records
  • Mismatched NS records
  • DNS servers responded
  • Name of nameservers are valid
  • Multiple Nameservers
  • Nameservers are lame
  • Missing nameservers reported by parent
  • Missing nameservers reported by your nameservers
  • Domain CNAMEs
  • NSs CNAME check
  • Different subnets
  • IPs of nameservers are public
  • DNS servers allow TCP connection
  • Different autonomous systems
  • Stealth NS records sent

SOA Records

  • SOA record
  • NSs have same SOA serial
  • SOA MNAME entry
  • SOA Serial
  • SOA Refresh
  • SOA Retry
  • SOA Expire
  • SOA Minimum TTL

MX Records

  • MX Records
  • Different MX records at nameservers
  • MX name validity
  • MX IPs are public
  • MX CNAME Check
  • MX A request returns CNAME
  • MX is not IP
  • Number of MX records
  • Mismatched MX A
  • Duplicate MX A records
  • Reverse MX A records (PTR)

WWW Records

  • WWW A Record
  • IPs are public

You can check the demo here

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Release date:2015-08-14
Last updated:2022-01-11
Current version:1.0
Product type:PHP Script
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Requirements:PHP 5+,Ion Cube loader
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