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Imagine harnessing the power to create your very own Movie Library System. With a plugin so incredibly simple, with just the URL – get unparalleled information about the movie, its casts, the directors, key dates, run time and even the poster.

Managing TV shows becomes similarly easy. Get information and lists arranged nicely in episode format with links. The plugin also extracts links on its own, which is why your database becomes fresh, defragmented and running.

The script allows users to sign up to your website. It provides some great features from creating playlists for yourself or for others, to sending friend requests. You have the authority to limit your posts or change security to your will. Also the new Private Messaging System keeps your community buzzing with delight.

Your users are also able to submit links for movies or shows,Once approved by admin links or movie or show will appear on front site, or admin can give certain users a power that there links or movies will be auto approved.
Contribute links for movies through the script. The movie will appear right on the page – if approved by the administrator.

Enjoy seamless Movie Management with WordPress Movie Plugin. Keep your customers talking, and watching.
More features to talk about. Try it now.


Check out the demo at:
Front Site Demo

Installation Video


Features Video

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Release date:2015-08-02
Last updated:2018-07-06
Current version:1.2.28
Product type:WordPress Plugin
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Requirements:WordPress 3.3.1+,PHP 5+ ,MYSQL,IonCube Loader
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