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Tresell Script is a simple order managing for traffic reseller websites. The ease any simplicity with which you can manage your entire website is phenomenal. Take a look at the following screenshots and their descriptions to understand more on how you can get the best out of this script with the best price.

The Front End

  1. Home Page
  2. Order Page
  3. Contact Us Page

Home Page

Order Page


Admin Dashboards


The administrator can login through this screen and enter the management core of the plugin. Accordingly, the administrator can even assign users and roles for particular tasks.

Admin Panel Login


From this panel the user will be able to view all the messages that he has received. The sections are clearly segregated into unread messages and Read Messages. This allows the user to filter what to do. Similarly, the option to delete the email is also displayed on the same window.

Contact Us Page


Another key function that can be performed from the Admin Dashboard is the ability to view the orders overtime. Similarly, the screen will display orders as well as the Pack ID, Name, Email, Website, Visitors, Amount and Action to be taken.

This screen makes it significantly easier to take appropriate action in terms of the user.

Manage orders


Adding Packs

From this screen the user will be able to add Packs into the system. To add the packs, the user will have to enter the detail of the Visitor and the amount that is to be added.

Below that screen, the Available Packs options can be seen which lists all the packs that are present in the system with the option to Edit and Delete.

Manage Traffic Packs

Viewing Statistics

A great feature to keep track of what’s going on – the statistics page allows you to view concrete numbers as to how much orders are already paid or how many messages have been kept unread.

Site stats


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