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Everybody loves movies and we adore the movie industry. With a vision to help the community for this industry we introduce the WordPress Movie Plugin. Create a huge database of movies you love. Produce playlists, favorite movie list, submit movies and TV Shows and so on.


Take a demo and enjoy.


List Of allowed hosts

This page allows the administrator to manage the hosts that are connected to the website. The website is built for ease and for convenience.



Add New Movie and TV Show

The screen below allows you to add a new movie to the database. You can add short description, summary, trailers, crew members and any detail that maybe required for the movie to be understandable in the listing.

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Admin window to create Allowed hosts

This windows allows the admin to allow or disallow a host (make it active or non-active). With fields like Host Name and an Active or Non Active switch, it becomes easier for the admin to do just that with few clicks.


User Submitted Pending Movie and TV Show Links

All the movies and TV Shows submitted by the users to the website now get stored in this window. The admin has the option to allow or disallow an item to be shown in the listing page. If the list keep increasing the admin can initiate a bulk action that can do the same.

 19 20

User reported Movie and TV Show Links

This window displays all the complaints lodged by the user regarding broken links for movie and TV shows. After careful analysis of the case the administrator can take necessary action to solve the problem.

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Admin General Setting Window

This page allows the administrator to access all the general settings for the website. From options like activating or deactivating plugin license and theme license to updating the maximum upload size, this page plays a key role in managing your website efficiently.


Admin setting for E-Mail templates

The admin can now easily set the email templates that he should send to his users. Mass text can be a great tool for promotion – and it should well organized and readable and in the correct format. This dashboard feature lets you do just that.


All Movie/Show Reviews

The WordPress Movie Plugin allows the user to post comments as reviews to shows and movies. This can allow discussions among the community and also encourage the users to spend more time on the website. However, after a review has been submitted it will be sent to the admin and hence the authority to approve or disapprove the comment will be given to the admin.


Private Messaging Inbox

Yes, the plugin will have a fully functional Private Messaging System that will allow users to interact and exchange emails between themselves. This will be interesting for the users and will keep them more engaged. A perfect feature for movie maniacs who love to meet like-minded people and share and exchange ideas.


Private Messaging New folder Window

Private messages that are exchanged between the users will be stored in the website. The messages can also be categorized manually in folders.


Create Playlist Window

Users can create a playlist for their favorite movie and TV shows. This will allow the users to keep tract of their planning to watch movie or TV series. The playlist can be created through the following window – clean, managed and organized.


Favorite Items of user

The favorites list is similar to the playlist. Here however the user will be able to add the favorite Movie or TV show. You will never again have a problem of forgetting your favorite movies. The more movies you watch the more this list will grow and help you keep a memory.


Friend list of user

A very interesting feature of the plugin, the friends list allows you to add friends and interact. The more friends a user might have the more interesting the website will become. But for that – there should be a contact repository.


Movie listing page

Simply, the movie listing page lists all the movies that have been uploaded by the user. Here the user can easily navigate through the list and sort it according to the user requirement. There is also a section where the user can view the ratings a particular movie has gotten in the playlist.


Compose Private Message

Composing a private message has never been any easier with the textbox tools this plugin provides. With all options to make your conversations more fun and meaningful, this feature is a great hit.


All playlists

In this window, you can view all your playlists. It helps you be more organized when it comes to viewing things you love the most. Along with viewing the playlists, you can even have option to delete or rename the playlist according to you need.


User Points Statistics

Users receive points for various activities they do in the website. So the user points are calculated and the admin can view the points of all the users in the database. Accordingly, they will automatically be refreshed after the users have earned the points.


User Profile

The user profile window, as simple as that displays all relevant information about the user. From a short introduction of the user at the top, the activities that the user has performed to the friend list of the user – everything can be seen from the screen. It just allows you to know someone better and befriends.


Report Link Window

Similarly, users will be able to report broken links to the administrators. The reporting window will contain a field showing the broken link and a text field for the user to enter the details on the complaint.


Report user window

Not all like-minded people can be friendly. In such case, the user can report such users to the administrators. After that the complaint will be lodged and necessary action will be taken.


TV Show Listing page

On this page all the shows will be listed. Also, relevant shows or the shows that the user has already watched will also be displayed. This easily navigable screen gives the users a good feeling even when searching for a particular listing. At the bottom of the page the reviews of the users on a particular TV show will be shown.


Front site submit movie window

A movie can be submitted to the website through the given window. The movie details should all be entered upfront so that the page can display the movie correctly and more information is displayed on the page.


Front site submit show window

Similar to the submit movie window, the submit show window is for TV shows. The submitted TV shows will appear on the Shows listing page.


Front Site Write Review Window

From the below displayed window, the user will be able to submit reviews on a particular movie or TV show. The review will then appear on the page of the particular movie or TV show.


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